With love for houses


Careful and high quality construction services from project design to door locks. We build private houses, office buildings, technical facilities, repair and improve existing ones, using modern but well-tested technological solutions.


Full restoration of stone and wood buildings, removal and restoration of various historical construction elements, building’s historical research, careful conservation of details. Projects are carried out in cooperation with the craftsmen of Latvian Chamber of Crafts.

About us

"BuvLat grupa" Ltd provides high quality and professional service with a personal approach to each client. We offer our services in construction, restoration, redevelopment areas, the installation of electricity, heating, water supply, sewerage system, joinery manufacture and assembly of components, as well as all the operations management and property management. Our customers include individuals, businesses and municipalities - Jurmala, Riga, Riga and Kurzeme region.

Buvlat grupa Ltd. offers:

  • Construction of new buildings both after standard and individual projects
  • Building repairs, reconstruction, rebuilding, restoration of various construction elements
  • Cost estimates
  • Project design
  • Territorial improvement (paving, creation of walking paths, water bodies etc.)
  • Construction of entire utilities network (sewerage, water supplies, rainwater drainage, heating systems)
  • Construction of agricultural buildings